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The original announcement

[Announcement] : sharando is born (and All your Content Types are belong to us)

First, for the youngest:

Second, for all of us:
I'm quite excited to announce the start of a little experiment:
sharando ("share" + "entando")


The main goal (wish? hope?) is to provide a place where everyone can find and/or share Content Types (but keep on reading) with proper Content Models.
Have worked with jAPS 2.0 entando and put together some quite uncommon Content Types and/or Content Models?
Hey, share them with the community!
We can test them, extend them, debug them, adopt them, and give back our owns!

sharando is not too different from a mere collection of Content Types on github.com, but comes with some useful stuff from the very start:

  • ant build file to provide a helpful skeleton for a new Content Type that you may want to add to the collection
    ant new-content-type
  • a modular structure, and maybe in the future we'll have pagemodels or - who knows - some showlets (very basic ones, I guess), too
  • standard config.xml descriptor for every bundle, thus being compatible with wannabe-third-party-client-software-or-apps
  • the not-so-secret wish to be someday and somehow used as a Content Type repository by the almighty jAPS 2.0 entando itself

The ant build file with all that skeleton thingy, requires Ant 1.8.0 or later.
That is, in Ubuntu 10.10:
sudo apt-get install ant ant-optional

If you can't meet the requirement about Ant, you can't use the automagical skeleton but you can always do some copy/paste :)

Of course, this is just a start; some documentation will come, some bug reports will be filed (by you), worked on (by me and collaborators), and fixed, and the number of Content Types will slowly increase...

... all of that on github.com.

If you want to contribute with some code or Content Types, feel free to fork, work, and submit a merge request @ https://github.com/entando/sharando

And if you wan't to stay update with the bleeding edge commits in jAPS 2.0 entando, PortalExample, and sharando, don't forget to follow @entandoplatform on Twitter!