The Raspberry Pi weather station with a nice web-frontend
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What hardware do I need?

Hardware parts Recommendation Alternatives
System: Raspberry Pi Model A/A+ Raspberry Pi Model B/B+
Wlan stick: EDIMAX EW-7811 any out there, or LAN
SD card: Class 10, min. 4GB better 8, 16 or 32GB any out there
Temperature + Humidity: AM2302 DHT22 or DHT11
Pressure: BMP180 BMP085

*If you buy all hardware from Ebay the complete weatherstation (listed above) will cost about ~40€

How to set up the pi-weatherstation?

  1. Get the project: git clone --recursive
  2. Configure your weatherstation in the pi-weatherstation.cfg config file
  3. Setup the pi-weatherstation: cd pi-weatherstation/ && sudo bash
  4. Connect the sensors to your raspberry (you can find the wire layout in the doc/ folder):
  5. Check if all is working fine: cd pi-weatherstation/ && sudo bash