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FedML: A Research Library and Benchmark for Federated Machine Learning

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  1. FedML Public

    A Research-oriented Federated Learning Library. Supporting distributed computing, mobile/IoT on-device training, and standalone simulation. Best Paper Award at NeurIPS 2020 Federated Learning works…

    Python 990 307

  2. FedNLP Public

    FedNLP: A Research Platform for Federated Learning in Natural Language Processing

    Python 186 26

  3. A Research-oriented Federated Learning Library and Benchmark Platform for Graph Neural Networks. Accepted to ICLR'2021 - DPML and MLSys'21 - GNNSys workshops.

    Python 124 29

  4. FedCV Public

    FedCV: A Federated Learning Framework for Diverse Computer Vision Tasks

    Python 45 15

  5. FedML-IoT: Federated Learning on IoT Devices (supported by FedML framework)

    Python 27 14

  6. FedIoT Public

    Federated Learning for Internet of Things: A Federated Learning Framework for On-device Anomaly Data Detection

    Python 18 4


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