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Also known film negatives, is an imaging equipment to sensitive types can be divided into black and white film, color film, infrared film and so on. Born film has great significance, not only to record the history of film, but also carries the memory of generations. Early nineteenth century, the Frenchman Daguerre invented the silver edition photographic method, marking the official birth of photography, and photography really born into the household is attributed to the film. Nearly a century this room, film photographers left memories are timeless, although digital imaging technology has matured, it has changed people's image of life, but the film as a classic in the minds of many fans still have a irreplaceable position.

It is not just a film, it is an icon of popular culture, whether on film this vector demise have been because it hosted content, and to become a classic of an era.

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Coin Information Coin algorithm: X13 POW + POS The total amount of coins: 13,500,000 (approximately 6.75 million excavation) Mature period: Block 120 Time block: 60 sec Block Awards: Block 1, (Pre-mining1.5%) 1% of the exchange, promotion, marketing, 0.5% Dev Block 2 - 130 = 10 FILM Block 130 - 1440 = 625 FILM Block 1441 - 5760 = 525 FILM Block 5761 - 10080 = 425 FILM Block 10080 - 14400 = 325 FILM block POS starts at block 14400 10% of the first year RPC:4771 P2P:4772