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What's new:

  • Added: PKSM now uses pp2d as graphic library, instead of sf2d. This will grant very fast loading times (pretty istantaneous) and a cleaner UI. This will also work with every *hax payload, since there are no more deprecated libraries used to build PKSM.
    • Size for the executable is now 1.5MB lighter than usual, and consumes less memory.
    • The new library will also grant homebrew launcher support even if payloads doesn't work perfectly. No more red screens! Obviously, make sure to use the latest homebrew launcher build.
  • Added: wondercard database updated
  • Fixed: event injection for gen4 works now
  • Fixed: game launch issue should be fixed
  • Fixed: updater no longer deletes PKSM if you're attempting to download the same release you have already installed
  • Fixed: translations updated
  • Removed: PKSM is now compilable without any of the old library dependencies. libjpeg-turbo, libfreetype, libpng, zlib, sfillib, sftdlib, sf2dlib and buildtools are no longer required
  • Removed: PKSV is deprecated now, so there will not be new builds for it

All the PKSM-related tools have been moved to a separate repository! PKSM-Tools contains now the following software:

  • badsectors: cleans possible corrupted slots in the PKSM extra storage file.
  • MysteryGiftDump: exports gen6+ wondercards into the SD card.
  • phbank2pksm: converts a phbank storage file into a PKSM compatible one.
  • serveLegality: windows application that receives pkmn from PKSM wirelessly, checks their legality and sends them back legal if they have something wrong.
  • servepkx: cross-platform (java/web browser) application to send compatible files to PKSM.
    • java version supports pkx only + bulk pkx import;
    • web-browser version supports single pkx, wcx and wcxfull imports.
  • TeamListFiller: fills a VGC17 teamlist automatically and exports it into the SD card as printable.

You can download PKSM-Tools here!


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