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Largo version 0.6

This release of Largo provides support for Gutenberg, the star feature of WordPress 5.0. It prevents social media metadata duplication when using the Yoast SEO plugin. And this new release contains a number of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Special thanks to our community contributors:

  • Mike Schinkel for his work on pull request #1469 at WordCamp for Publishers 2017's Contributor Day.
  • GitHub user fenriz07 for their work in PR #1541 on updating links in our documentation.

If you're using Largo on your site, say hi! Send us an email at labs@inn.org or through the contact form, sign up for a slot in our weekly open office hours, or just say hi to our staff at a conference. We'd love to include you on our list of sites using Largo.

New Features

  • Adds Gutenberg support, with:
    • editor styles
    • support for the .alignwide and .alignfull CSS classes and their use in blocks
    • pullquote styles


  • Fixes numerous undefined variable errors, as part of issue #1492.
  • Users who have the capability to edit a given post will see the edit link on the frontend, where before users with the capability to edit published posts in general saw the link to edit the post in the frontend. PR #1559 for issue #1543.
  • Largo now uses WordPress' title-tag support for <title> tag output, which means that site title tags shoud now be modifiable by plugins. PR #1566 for issue #1470.
  • If the Yoast SEO plugin is active, Largo's default Open Graph Protocol and Twitter Cards tags will not be output. PR #1567 for issues #1437 and #1470
  • Adds support for WordPress' .screen-reader-text CSS class. PR #1530 for issue #1528 as part of issue #844.
  • Updates .visuallyhidden CSS styles in accordance with the latest recommended technique. PR #1530 for issue #1528 as part of issue #844.
  • Thins the homepage stylesheets with LESS (reference) imports. PR #1530 for issue #1528 as part of issue #844.
  • Adds a text domain to style.css. PR #1527 as part of issue #844.
  • Fixes a "WP_Admin_Bar::add_node was called incorrectly" warning message. PR #1504 for issue #1349.
  • Modernizes Travis CI configuration to cover PHP 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1, and WordPress 4.6 through 5.0. Drops support for PHP 5.5 and earlier and WordPress 4.5 and earlier. PR #1503 and #1554.
  • Where largo_remove_hero() removed duplicate hero images from the top of the_content(), the function no longer outputs empty paragraph tags, and now works on img tags without src="" attributes. PR #1503 for issue #1404.
  • Alphabetizes the contributor list in readme.md.


  • Deprecates largo_fb_user_is_followable(), because Facebook changed their API.
  • Removes the default inclusion of Google Analytics with INN's Largo Project IDs. PR #1502 as part of issue #1495, and by request.
  • Removes the INN Member RSS widget, because the RSS feed it draws from is no longer supported or maintained by INN. Because the RSS feed was occasionally empty, the widget would result in 500 errors. RP #1535 for issue #1511 and #893.
  • Removes lingering traces of the Largo Featured Widget. PR #1563 and #1469 for issue #1467, from Github user mikeschinkel.
  • Removes many uses of extract() in widgets and theme functions, and improves code quality in widgets.
  • Removes uses of screen_icon() and get_screen_icon(), deprecated in WordPress 4.8. PR #1523 for issue #1523 as part of issue #844.
  • Removes the <title> element from header.php, since Largo declares title-tag theme support. PR #1566 for issue #1470.
  • Removes two remaining PHP short tags. PR #1525 for issue #844.
  • Removes some deprecated style.css metadata tags. PR #1524 for issue #844.
  • Removes Hipchat support from .travis.yml. PR #1503.

Upgrade notices

  • If your child theme has significant custom styling, or has custom post templates, your theme may need to provide additional styles to ensure Gutenberg compatibility.
  • A future version of Largo will require the third parameter of largo_byline() to be specified in all calls. PR #1561 for issue #1517 adds code that, in testing environments with WP_DEBUG or LARGO_DEBUG set to true, will result in server log messages. This is necessary to prevent mismatches between the Loop's global $post and the desired byline output. The third parameter of largo_byline() may be a WP_Post instance or a post ID. Example call: largo_byline( true, false, get_the_ID() );.