🌐 🔌 The MetaMask browser extension, enables browsing Ethereum blockchain enabled websites.
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MetaMask Browser Extension

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If you're a user seeking support, here is our support site.


Mission Statement

Internal documentation

Developing Compatible Dapps

If you're a web dapp developer, we've got two types of guides for you:

New Dapp Developers

Current Dapp Developers

Building locally

  • Install Node.js version 8.11.3 and npm version 6.1.0
    • If you are using nvm (recommended) running nvm use will automatically choose the right node version for you.
    • Select npm 6.1.0: npm install -g npm@6.1.0
  • Install dependencies: npm install
  • Install gulp globally with npm install -g gulp-cli.
  • Build the project to the ./dist/ folder with gulp build.
  • Optionally, to rebuild on file changes, run gulp dev.
  • To package .zip files for distribution, run gulp zip, or run the full build & zip with gulp dist.

Uncompressed builds can be found in /dist, compressed builds can be found in /builds once they're built.

Running Tests

Requires mocha installed. Run npm install -g mocha.

Then just run npm test.

You can also test with a continuously watching process, via npm run watch.

You can run the linter by itself with gulp lint.


Architecture Diagram


npm install
npm start

Build for Publishing

npm run dist

Writing Browser Tests

To write tests that will be run in the browser using QUnit, add your test files to test/integration/lib.

Other Docs