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My personal bootstrap process

For bootstraping on legacy operating systems

Bootstrap dotfiles when having nix

$ nix run github:Mic92/dotfiles

Bootstrap homeshick without nix

$ nix-shell -p git
nix-shell> git clone --depth=1 $HOME/.homesick/repos/homeshick
nix-shell> alias homeshick="$HOME/.homesick/repos/homeshick/bin/homeshick"
nix-shell> homeshick clone

Bootstrap single user nix:

$ install -d -m755 -o joerg -g joerg /nix
$ curl | sh

Bootstrap multi-user nix:

$ curl -o install
$ sh ./install --daemon

Bootstrap home-manager

$ hm switch

Use my nvim configuration as a standalone without installing dotfiles

$ nix run 'github:Mic92/dotfiles#nvim'

Articles about my dotfile repo

Need help with nix?

Drop me an email at to book consultation on Nix/NixOS/DevOps related topics