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Django-mfa is a simple Django app to for providing MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication).

Documentation is avaliable online, or in the docs directory of the project.

Quick start


The Git repository can be cloned with this command:

git clone

The django_mfa package, included in the distribution, should be placed on the PYTHONPATH.

Otherwise you can just easy_install -Z django-mfa or pip install django-mfa.


Add otp_app' to the INSTALLED_APPS to your

See the :doc:`settings` section for other settings.

Add 'otp_app.middleware.MfaMiddleware' to the MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES


Add the following to your root file.

urlpatterns = [

    url(r'^settings/', include('otp_app.urls', namespace="mfa")),

Done. With these settings you have now, you will get the MFA features.

We welcome your feedback and support, raise github ticket if you want to report a bug. Need new features? Contact us here