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This is a living document. It describes the priorities as they exist today and will evolve over time.

All the changes done in the public repository flow into Chakra and Microsoft Edge on a regular basis as described in the Contribution guidelines. The following is a summary of the ChakraCore team's backlog for the next 6 months. Last updated 1/12/17.

Enhancing Host & Platform Support

  • Node.js

  • Cross-platform: (See #111: [Discussion] Linux / Cross-platform planning.) An implementation of ChakraCore interpreter and runtime on Linux, targeting x64 Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and Clang 3.8+

    • Get GC host app to build and run (no concurrency and no partial collections)
    • Get lib\runtime\base directory to compile
    • Get lib\Parser to compile
    • Get lib\runtime\bytecode directory to compile
    • Get lib\runtime\library directory to compile
    • Get lib\runtime\language directory to compile, rewrite assembly portions
    • Make it link on Linux
    • Make it run and pass unit tests on Linux
      • Run hello world
      • Run tests in the Basics directory
      • Run Date-related unit tests
      • Run Exception/Stack-walking related unit tests
      • Run benchmarks
      • Pass all unit tests
    • Enable Jenkins CI support for Linux
    • Build and pass unit tests on OS X
    • Enable Jenkins CI support for OS X
    • Match node-chakracore on xplat
    • Enable Intl on xplat
    • Match Windows-ChakraCore on test262
    • Enable profiling interpreter on xplat
    • Enable dynamic interpreter thunks on xplat
    • Enable JIT on xplat
    • Implement broader software-based write barrier support in the GC
    • Enable concurrent GC on xplat
    • Enable partial GC on xplat
    • Ensure xplat perf is fully on par with Windows

Language Innovation & Standards

Performance - Staying Fast and Lean

Diagnostics & Tooling Enhancements

Engineering Improvements


See Release Notes for notes on published releases.