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πŸ”§ Simple script in python to convert CSV files to VCF
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Convert CSV File To VCF File

By Moduland Co

Requirements Status PyPI version


Source Code

  • Download Version 0.2 or Latest Source
  • Install python-tk sudo apt-get update+sudo apt-get install python-tk (Need root access)
  • python3 install or python install (Need root access)




  • Enter contacts in .csv file (comma separated)
  • Run csv2vcf python3 -m csv2vcf or python -m csv2vcf on Mac,Linux or Windows
  • Open your csv file in application
  • Result in VCF_CONVERT folder

Command Line

  • Enter contacts in .csv file (comma separated)
  • Run csv2vcf with file as argument python3 -m csv2vcf file.csv or python -m csv2vcf file.csv on Mac,Linux or Windows
  • Result in VCF_CONVERT folder

Automated Build

Linux Windows

Input File Format


  • Phone Number
    • Mobile
    • Home
    • Work
    • Multi
  • Email
    • Mobile
    • Home
    • Work
    • Multi
  • Address
  • URL
  • GUI

Issues & Bug Reports

Just fill an issue and describe it. We'll check it ASAP! or send an email to


You can fork the repository, improve or fix some part of it and then send the pull requests back if you want to see them here. I really appreciate that. ❀️

Remember to write a few tests for your code before sending pull requests.

Donate to our project

If you feel like our project is important can you please support us? Our project is not and is never going to be working for profit. We need the money just so we can continue doing what we do.

Bitcoin :


Payping (For Iranian citizens) :


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