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Terasology - open source voxel world

Updated Jun 26, 2016


Terasology Launcher is the official launcher for the open source game Terasology.

Updated Jun 9, 2016


Official continuation of Destination Sol, the great fun little arcade space shooter from

Updated Jun 5, 2016

Java 9 4


A world-generator based map viewer for Terasology

Updated May 17, 2016

Java 0 1


A headless facade that acts as a game host and provides web-based administration

Updated May 11, 2016

Java 6 6


A family of libraries providing a variety of core capabilities for use by games and game engines.

Updated May 7, 2016

Java 3 3


A little utility for making crash reporting easier from different projects

Updated May 1, 2016

Python 6 10


Support repo for Terasology - for stuff we don't want to keep in the main repo

Updated Apr 17, 2016

HTML 7 7

Terasology's "splash site" hosted as a GitHub Page. On the page you can download Terasology, view related videos, go to the forum, etc. Feel free to use this design for other projects but please retain the copyright notice and author list

Updated Apr 17, 2016

Java 1 0


Terasology's New User Interface

Updated Mar 7, 2016

Java 5 4


Experimental standalone math and stuff

Updated Feb 28, 2016

Java 3 5


A facade to the Terasology engine that wraps it to run as an applet

Updated Jan 30, 2016


Just a temporary doc related repo for experimenting and housing a backup of the engine wiki repo while overhauling it

Updated Jan 23, 2016

Java 0 0


A light-weight Java application that relays IRC chat message to Slack.

Updated Nov 26, 2015


Contains configuration files for Terasology-related repositories

Updated Nov 24, 2015

Java 3 1


A servlet environment that serves Terasology meta information.

Updated Nov 21, 2015


Assorted scripts for playing with Ansible

Updated Nov 18, 2015


A web-based editor for in-game dialogs (with NPCs)

Updated Oct 23, 2015

Java 0 2


Android facade for Destination Sol

Updated Oct 23, 2015


forked from bulletphysics/bullet3

Bullet 2.x official repository with optional experimental Bullet 3 GPU rigid body pipeline

Updated Oct 10, 2015

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