@Cervator Cervator released this Jun 11, 2018 · 381 commits to develop since this release

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Our second major release ever! 573 commits of goodness, not counting what's been done in modules. Includes some initial work from GSOC 2018.

This was a breaking release for the module ecosystem, but only 3 or so remain unfixed as of this release and should be functional again soon, with other bug fixes planned as well. The Miniion module is being retired after this release as MasterOfOreon is now no longer dependent on it.

More details to come ...

@Cervator Cervator released this Feb 5, 2018 · 954 commits to develop since this release

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Likely final release for the engine v1 series!

Perhaps interesting is the more respectful size of this release compared to the prior (200ish commits vs 600ish for Alpha 8) despite still being a fairly lengthy and super active period of time. Google Code-In was a large driver of activity but focused more on modules than the engine. This is in line with more and more overall project activity going into module land and elsewhere instead of the maturing engine, leading to more content rather than more architecture.

However, actually summarizing module changes that go along with a game release (Alpha 9 contains engine v1.6.0 but so much more in module land) remains tricky. A time-range commit search limited to the Terasology GitHub Org failed to return actual commits, but seemed to indicate 50 module repos had received changes. Any search wizards able to get that working are welcome to try, but even commits in a time range won't show what's actually new in a future where we have full release management enabled for modules :-)

Engine Highlights

  • Fix for #2590 - our most notorious multiplayer crash bug at present!
  • Loads of javadoc improvements, code quality fixes, translations, and minor improvements from GCI students (who also did tons of module work)
  • Asset overrides/delta updates for UI screens and skins - #3238
  • Support for moar explosions ! #3195 (to allow for stuff like explosive rail carts)
  • Crouching has been somewhat neutered temporarily as it was problematic in multiplayer
  • Further enhancements for the maturing FlexibleConfig system (eventually allow easier configs for all the things)
  • Various improvements to the groovyw module and related utility (more pending merge very shortly)
  • FloatingTextComponent tags can now be occluded behind objects (like a distant player tag in a cave below)
  • Easier interaction with player identities in multiplayer (manually import/export certificates) - see #3123
  • Another round of tweaks to the "items persisting at 0,0,0" saga in #3137 - maybe fixed now? Finally?
  • Better image scaling in UI elements
  • Various rendering work as the overhaul continues
  • Initial Java 9 compatibility fixes (rather minor - maybe there are still quirks to discover?)
  • Refactoring of how inputs and binds work - probably no visible changes but an FYI
  • Gradle upgrade from 2.10 to 3.3 and introduction of the Groovy Wrapper for utility (see #2979)

New modules

While overall module changes are hard to summarize (a ton of stuff happened to Rails in particular though!) listing newly added modules is fairly easy so here's a list:

@Cervator Cervator released this Sep 3, 2017 · 1203 commits to develop since this release

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Probably our biggest release ever, woo! Nearly half a year in the making. Yeah trying to release anything during a GSOC with no less than 10 students is probably doomed to failure, way too much activity. 644 commits! 161 issues closed! - and that's only in the engine, half the projects were elsewhere :-)

New modules include (might not even catch all and we might not have added some yet...): AdvancedBehaviors, AdventureAssets, Anatomy, CombatSystem, Inferno (from GCI tho), InGameHelpAPI, Lost, Projectile, Scenario, SegmentedPaths, Sensors, WildAnimalsGenome, WoodAndStoneCraftingJournal, WorldlyTooltipAPI

A bunch more stuff is now queued up for a v2.0.0 of the engine, including behavior tree overhaul, world sectors, new physics, block family refactoring, and more coming. So much activity and so many people! It has been a great summer :-)

Proper news post soon.

Edit: That is a loooooong changelist in Jenkins - and again that's only the engine! We need a way to start tracking everything across the module ecosystem that way too.

For some current highlights of known issues see #3093

Edit: As of September 4th the "Lost" save game has been added to the zip. If you run the game with -homedir it'll be in the right place to be picked up in-game, otherwise you may have to move it. See Nihal's Blog for instructions.

@Cervator Cervator released this Mar 20, 2017 · 1847 commits to develop since this release

Assets 3

One of our more delayed releases due to all the activity with Google Code-In over winter, then followed immediately by getting into Google Summer of Code again! Yay?

Some 322 engine commits, 103 closed engine issues, plus an untold amount of module changes. Maybe some change notes soon, but so much to try to cover! With a little luck we can get back to smaller releases and do Alpha 8 within a month.

Can see the release issue #2766 for some more details on known issues.

@Cervator Cervator released this Nov 28, 2016 · 2170 commits to develop since this release

Assets 3

This release ran long and contains way more stuff than usual, including several new modules :-)

See the closed milestone issues for changes, and the engine job in Jenkins for more (it "failed" because one version number hadn't been updated, doh)

There are still some known issues that have been notable lately, those are tracked in a new milestone and hopefully we can fix some of those soon and maybe make Alpha 7 a pretty quick follow-up.

New modules included:

  • Alchemy - brew potions!
  • Cooking - make food!
  • EdibleSubstance - guess what this one goes with
  • Smithing - metal stuff - being extracted somewhat out of the TTA template
  • Thirst - extracted from Hunger which used to cover both
  • WorkstationCrafting - meant to hold the crafting powering both TTA and JS

As usual a lot of this stuff remains mostly accessible via game console and is more a sign of the area being worked on :-)

@Cervator Cervator released this Nov 5, 2016 · 2302 commits to develop since this release

Assets 3

In lieu of releasing Alpha 6 for tomorrow's multiplayer test I've decided to just mark the latest Omega zip from the develop branch as what we'll aim to use. There are some outstanding issues I'm reluctant to leave in for a stable release.

On top of that I still only just got back from a week's vacation and only made it through about a thousand emails so far, along with getting the "unread" marker off most the PRs and issues updated since last. Still need to catch up with forum, Slack, other social media, and so on ... :-)

To get a feeling for what is in this build vs. Alpha 5 check out the closed issues in the Alpha 6 milestone keeping in mind that'll really only be accurate for a day or two from this posting ...

As another new thing we should be able to try out @qwc's Docker-hosted server for the testing, that'll be the "Official Unstable" entry in the server list. Just connected to it with this build right now and it works fine, although I suspect the server might need a quick restart / server reset, feels sluggish and world age is somewhat old :-)

@Cervator Cervator released this Oct 8, 2016 · 2421 commits to develop since this release

Assets 3

This is a relatively small patch release to create the Alpha 5 build, which goes with our 5th birthday festivities - fitting coincidence!

Most the changes covered can be reviewed at https://github.com/MovingBlocks/Terasology/issues?q=is%3Aclosed+milestone%3A%22Alpha+5%22 - I clearly need to stop attempting releases past 2 am, terrible for formal change notes! :-)

@Cervator Cervator released this Sep 10, 2016 · 2484 commits to develop since this release

Assets 3

First release to capture all the work from GSOC over the summer. Lots of good stuff!

... which I'll write more about soon enough, but it is past 2 am here :-)

@Cervator Cervator released this Aug 4, 2016 · 2621 commits to develop since this release

Assets 3

Been just a bit more than a month, trying to get back to more regular releases even if there are no "headline" type new things :-)

Note: The config.cfg file in an existing game data directory must be deleted once if you reuse an old game data directory. Some configuration keys have changed. There are also library changes if you are running from source but haven't updated since the last release (re-run something like gradlew idea to get the latest dependencies)

Primary engine changes:

  • Lots of changes to rendering from @tdgunes as part of his GSOC project to implement a DAG pipeline (try out F3 then F9 to get the wireframe debug rendering view)
  • Lots of improvements to @rzats' NUI editor that can be used in-game now to make nice new UIs. Also GSOC.
  • Assorted bits of engine support for other modules, such as @xrtariq2594 for TTA / JS modules and @skaldarnar for L&S
  • Some network hardening by @indianajohn that handles initial disconnects and module transfers better
  • Neater new config options by @emanuele3d to allow subscribing to config changes
  • Our CrashReporter can now be embedded into a Terasology workspace as source to make it easier to work on
  • Various minor bug fixes and translation work - also see the closed issues on GitHub for the release


  • PhysicalStats and Equipment modules have arrived, including a character screen accessed via c - your character can now equip things that increases overall damage and such.
  • GooeysQuests has been enhanced a fair bit, now generates small procedural dungeons in different shapes including chests containing items (including gear you can equip). Some related work on Structural templates have made it easier to make new templates for buildings (also in use in DynamicCities)
  • DynamicCities is moving right along with @CptCrispyCrunchy's GSOC project, growing nicely now and getting into market dynamics for supply and demand
  • Light & Shadow is moving again with a new magic dome covering the center of the world, meant to later restrict the play area. Could perhaps even constrict it over time like Crowfall's hunger dome? Note: A known issue exists where the player may spawn outside the dome with some world seed values. This usually ends poorly.
  • Assorted tweaks over the Throughout the Ages and JoshariasSurvival module lines