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BugEye ⦿

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Copyright © Theo Willows 2013-2017

Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0. (See accompanying file or copy at


This is BugEye, a minimal, non-intrusive, C++ unit testing framework. It only provides three things:

  1. A place to put test code, that does not interfere with the rest of your code.

  2. A way to make all the test code run and produce output.

  3. Functions to determine whether tests pass or fail.

For more information see BugEye's GitHub page.


Acquiring BugEye

  1. Either download the tarball from, or clone the repository (

  2. Put the directory (the cloned repository or the unpacked tarball) in a good place and add it to your compiler's list of include directories.

  3. Follow the documentation and examples in the Manual.


BugEye is supposed to strictly follow the C++11 standard. So a compiler that supports C++11 is all you should need.

It is continuously tested (big thanks to Travis CI and AppVeyor) with various versions of the following compilers:

If you use some other compiler and find that BugEye doesn't work with it, please report it as a bug (see below).


If you find a bug, please look for it among the issues, and if it isn't already reported, please report it.


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