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Releases: NREL/EnergyPlus

EnergyPlus 22.1 with fix to plant loop low flow tolerance

05 Apr 03:46
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This release is identical to except that it includes a fix for #10456 as shown in #10457.

Temporary Test Build of 24.1.0 with Cleanups # 08

03 Apr 13:36
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Yep, getting closer to those double digits.... But the last build worked happily until the C API compilation test. A tweak or two more and we should be good.

Temporary Test Build of 24.1.0 with Cleanups # 07

03 Apr 01:50
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TBH, even though this one will fail, I think I'm actually getting really close.

Temporary Test Build of 24.1.0 with Cleanups # 06

02 Apr 22:39
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The package tests were found, and attempted execution fine, but it seems it couldn't find E+. Added some debugging and let's try again...

Temporary Test Build of 24.1.0 with Cleanups # 05

02 Apr 21:01
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Everything is attempting to run, but failed. Added tmate to step in and see.

Temporary Test Build of 24.1.0 with Cleanups # 03

02 Apr 18:28
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Getting super close. Bumped PyPi version, and fixed path to installer test scripts.

Temporary Test Build of 24.1.0 with Cleanups # 02

02 Apr 17:25
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Bump pypi upload to see if it helps wheel posts

Temporary Test Build of 24.1.0 with Cleanups # 01

02 Apr 14:39
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** Note my confidence in my changes with I put a leading zero on the test number. **


28 Mar 19:51
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EnergyPlus 24.1.0

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released EnergyPlus version 24.1.0. There were many bug fixes and prominent new features this release. The full changelog for this release cycle is listed below. For more information about EnergyPlus, please visit

Supported Platforms

  • Windows 10 and 11: 64-bit versions, with possible 32-bit versions by request
  • Linux (Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04) 64 bit versions
  • Mac OSX 11 and 12 64 bit versions, plus ARM support

What's Changed

New Features 🌟

Defects Repaired 🪲

  • Fix missing MainsWater meter in code and the output meter documentation by @jcyuan2020 in #10243
  • Fix Controller:MechanicalVentilation ProportionalControlBasedOnDesignOccupancy by @mjwitte in #10268
  • Fix #10287 - ExpandObjects - Incorrect warning about Boiler:HotWater having too many fields by @jmarrec in #10288
  • Integrate breaking changes in btwxt interface, including error logging via interface injection. by @tanaya-mankad in #10160
  • Add missing initializations to squelch false table diffs in Annual Heat Emissions Report by @mjwitte in #10301
  • Correct VRF supplemental heater operation with cycling fan by @rraustad in #10271
  • Increase VRF terminal unit min-field to include supp heat coil turn-off temperature by @yujiex in #10283
  • Fix hint value assignment in SetupUnitConversion() and check if there are any diffs by @jcyuan2020 in #10261
  • Correction of Inconsistent Flow Rates from Swimming Pools by @RKStrand in #10303
  • Mean Radiant Temperature from Zone to Enclosure by @mjwitte in #10244
  • Fixes approach definition for Std 229 fluid cooler reports and adds cooling tower implementation by @jcyuan2020 in #10236
  • Fix vector error for when a zone or space has no surfaces by @mjwitte in #10309
  • Fix #10266 - Daylighting:Controls IDD field name inconsistency by @jmarrec in #10325
  • #10345 - Sush warnings in third_party directory on modern compilers/OSes by @jmarrec in #10346
  • Fixes Output:JSON tabular data output incorrectly dependent on OutputControl:Files input by @shorowit in #10155
  • Fix HVAC radiant heat gain with CondFD by @mjwitte in #10310
  • Fix 6919 when blanks are present in some tabular output reports by @JasonGlazer in #10201
  • Correct zone temperature history terms for ThirdOrderBackwardDifference heat balance equation by @rraustad in #10226
  • Add a new object type DataLoopNode::ConnectionObjectType by @lgu1234 in #10388
  • Fill object defaults for blank or missing fields and fix Site:GroundReflectance:SnowModifier defaults by @rraustad in #10295
  • Fixes source side sizing calculation for HeatPump:PlantLoop:EIR:Heating issue by @Nigusse in #10382
  • Report some electricity usage in kW W or kWh in IP units options by @jcyuan2020 in #10256
  • Allow choice in packaged units for selecting high or low speed air flow for no load supply air flow rate by @rraustad in #10313
  • do not escape xml with invalid strings by @marklemay in #10394
  • Correct AFN node temperature compatible with zone air temperature by @lgu1234 in #10371
  • Correct crash with DOAS VS DX coils and fix system name in Coil Sizing tables by @rraustad in #10334
  • Allow more multistage heating coils in AFN by @lgu1234 in #10393
  • Correct system sizing when TU desisgn sizing object is used by @rraustad in #10376
  • #10306 - Static gfortran by @jmarrec in #10412
  • Add support of umol/m2-s in IDF Editor for IndoorLivingWall support by @JasonGlazer in #10414
  • Minor fixes to EP-Launch 2, IDF Editor, IDF Version Updater by @JasonGlazer in #10428
  • Minor fixes to EP-Launch, IDF Editor, IDF Version Updater (second try) by @JasonGlazer in #10434
  • Fix #10350 - typo in zone_time_step python api returning system time step instead by @jmarrec in #10424
  • Fix typo in test files CMake list by @lymereJ in #10436
  • Addressed EIRFuelFiredHeatPump object electric energy consumption output variable reports zero value by @Nigusse in #10425
  • Improved Controller:WaterCoil FindRoot error message with TemperatureAndHumidityRatio by @mjwitte in #10435
  • More robust internal gain subtotals for UFAD and Displacement Ventilation by @mjwitte in #10419
  • Fixes Supervisory Control Logic Problem For AirSource Plants by @Nigusse in #10418
  • Fix misassigned fields in LocalAPIDataEntry (api/ by @chen1682-ntu-edu-sg in #10447
  • Fix unshaded inside reveal array bounds error and add reveal and sill to Fenestration_RefBldgSmallHotelNew2004_Chicago by @mjwitte in #10442
  • Fix #10453 - python38.dll missing on windows installers by @jmarrec in #10454

Under the Hood Refactoring ⚙

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v23.2.0...v24.1.0

EnergyPlus 24.1, Release Candidate !!!6!!!

28 Mar 16:40
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Freaking GitHub action runner image update 3 days ago broke us by having CMake 3.29 which apparently has a bug or at least different behavior. So...we learned today:

  • We are going to be pulling our installer testing (EPTravisTester) over to this E+ main repo so that it gets tested at each installer build. We can add more and more tests, such as in this case, verifying the python DLL/SO/DYLIB exists at the install root.
  • Please don't update your CMake to 3.29 if you are going to be building installers.
  • And I feel like we need to modify our GitHub action workflows to pin to exact versions of all our dependencies to avoid GHA pulling the rug out from under us.

OK, famous last words -- this will be retagged as 24.1.0 later this afternoon.

FYI @jmarrec @jasondegraw @JasonGlazer @mjwitte