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@KenCorma KenCorma released this Feb 16, 2019 · 156 commits to master since this release

Beta Version 0.8.7

Version contains fixed and adjustments to the previous version, does not contain tritium cores. Use TritiumCores branch for tritium testing.

MD5 Hash

  • Windows Installer:
    • 5f920e6ab06b24c899c069c175ab9665
  • Windows Unpacked:
    • c263cc90943ee1615083fdd0b81b46aa
  • Mac Image:
    • afa1a53b9f9fff7d6428f590f5d745bf
  • Linux Deb:
    • 340875343f4e55a9c372db90e9f18dd1
  • Linux AppImage:
    • e4903bc0f975c1a662f53b5803ce0957

Added Pull Requests




  • There are now additional display options for the overview page, see Settings/App


  • Low disk warning has been reduced to 1gb for manual syncing
  • Market page charts now respond to Theme adjustments
  • Terminal page font has shrunk for both terminal and console output
  • Renamed Dark theme background
  • Removed ? from the move NXS button
  • Reordered the languages and replaced the US flag with a US/GB flag for English
  • Adjusted some padding on the footer


  • Language translation improvements
  • Fixed fiat selection bug
  • Fixed typo with GBP where the app would not start up
  • Fixed an issue where using the filters in the transactions page would cause the app to gray screen
  • Fixed an Issue where the Nav Icon pulse was being cut off
  • Fixed issues where transactions would still be labeled as 'Pending'
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