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@KenCorma KenCorma released this Mar 2, 2019

Beta Version 0.8.9

Version contains fixed and adjustments to the previous version, does not contain tritium cores. Use TritiumCores branch for tritium testing. This will be the LAST version with core version 2.5.5 .

MD5 Hash

  • Windows Installer:
    • d21c28e21aca21b380be7c30591b29f7
  • Windows Unpacked:
    • b7a8a9fe99331e95d2f1d562a14112e6
  • Mac Image:
    • da4b0da3d08bbe7fae9590e4e834eb15
  • Mac Zip:
    • 43854a99e58b97bd0f39ebec61615b74
  • Linux Deb:
    • 13fabcc73694c6d8e6834e6b38458c07
  • Linux AppImage:
    • 164d53ee583da38b5dc51a8bd88ae57b

Added Pull Requests




  • Added rescan buttons to allow for easy rescan of the wallet
  • Addresses now on the add recipient


  • Bootstrap only stops the core when it is finished downloading
  • Improved Terminal Page
  • App now remembers the last setting tab selected
  • Improved auto suggestions


  • Fixed issue with auto updates, The app will now look for updates and ask the user if they want to upgrade
  • Fixed issue with a crash using minimalist or none view
  • Fixed issue were changing a color made the background turn to the light theme
  • Fixed issue with account names in the Transaction page
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