Some standart systemd services are missing from default configuration #82

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himikof commented Feb 5, 2013

Services systemd-hostnamed.service, systemd-localed.service and systemd-timedated.service (and their aliases dbus-org.freedesktop.hostname1.service, dbus-org.freedesktop.locale1.service, dbus-org.freedesktop.timedate1.service) are missing from default systemd configuration, making hostnamectl, localectl and timedatectl unusable:

# hostnamectl
Failed to issue method call: Unit dbus-org.freedesktop.hostname1.service failed to load: No such file or directory. See system logs and 'systemctl status dbus-org.freedesktop.hostname1.service' for details.

edolstra commented Feb 6, 2013

That's a conscious decision. In NixOS those are supposed to be configured via configuration.nix, so we don't want commands like hostnamectl "imperatively" changing the configuration. Maybe we should remove those commands to prevent confusion.

However, it would be nice if "timedatectl set-time" worked.


bjornfor commented Jun 26, 2013

It'd be nice to have the read-only and non-persistent operations work though. Like "hostnamectl" or "hostnamectl --transient set-hostname some-temporary-name".

Yes this stumped me a bit. It's not mentioned in the manual that these things don't work. I would prefer if the commands could removed or read-only.


domenkozar commented May 20, 2016

Please open an issue at if issue persists.

@domenkozar domenkozar closed this May 20, 2016

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