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NullMode's Personal vim Settings


This compilation was simply made so I can quickly git clone my personal vim settings onto newly installed machines.


Like some but not all of the config? You can override settings but creating a .my.vimrc in your user's home directory (_my_vimrc on Windows in the same folder as _vimrc). - NEEDS TESTING


  • git
  • pip
  • vim
  • curl

Installation Instructions

  • Navigate to a suitable download folder and run: git clone
  • Install the packages above: apt-get install git python-pip vim curl
  • If you are not installing this as root you may need to install flake8 manually sudo pip install flake8
  • Running will pull down the submodules code
  • The file will sync the contents of the cloned project to the user's $HOME directory.
  • General configuration is kept in the .vimrc file

Installing on Windows

There are two PowerShell scripts that can be used to update then install the configuration on windows. This has only been tested on my windows machine. Feedback and improvements welcome.

Updating plugins

The file will update the project, plugins and color schemes in use (listed below)

List of installed plugins

List of color schemes

Fonts (Install manually)


  • lnxg33k for some great tips and a lot of stolen content from his vimrc file :P
  • g0tmi1k for actually motivating me to make this, no automation this time :)
  • TheColonial for showing me a color scheme that might make my eyes last longer


  • Full test on windows, linux and OSX
  • Get terminal version working in windows


Personal vim configuration files including setup file.



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