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OpenEFT project

OpenEFT is an open source decentralized electronic financial transaction processing system.

OpenEFT daemon provides following features:

  • Cross Platform
    • Linux
    • Mac
    • Windows
  • Crypto Asset
  • Smart Contract
  • Tokenization

Official links

Programing language

C++ programming language is used in development of openeft.

Compile and build

Run following commands in bash/console to build the project:

  • Minimum required development libraries

  • "cmake -H. -Bbuild"

  • "cmake --build build -- -j3"

  • Make sure you run execute 'cmake -H. -Bbuild' in bash/console after making any changes in cmake configuration files in the project.

  • Make sure to always add unnecessary IDE files, temporary auto generated files, etc to .gitignore and be cautious to keep a clean git repository.

IDE support

OpenEFT can be imported to any IDEs that are capable of parsing cmake configuration files. Make sure that .editorconfig is correctly read by the IDE. You can test TAB and indentations to verify it.

  • Import to Netbeans:
    • In the new project pane, choose C/C++ from existing source code and specify the project path.
    • Right-click on the openeft project in the project pane, click properties and change the working directory in Pre-Build and Make configurations to "build/".
  • Import to VS Code:
    • Open VS code in Linux, click on File, Add Folder to Workspace. Select openeft root directory. Save the workspace inside the root directory by clicking on File/Save Workspace As.
    • Install VS code plugins for C/C++, python, git etc support.

List of output products

  • openeft
    • Main daemon that represents a full node in an EFT network.
  • eftconsole
    • Secure permissive access to a full node to perform administrative and reporting tasks.
  • openeft-cli
    • Peer client application. Can perform all sort of financial interactions within the EFT network.
    • It can also represent a full-featured openeft wallet.
  • eftminer
    • OpenEFT mining application.

How to join the OpenEFT development team

Firstly it is important to understand that OpenEFT is complex. It is both a fully featured decentralized payment software as well as a standalone crypto payment library. In addition the command line tools provide a wide array of capabilities. It can take quite a while to become proficient in coding in the internals. It is also clearly security sensitive and also needs good understanding of payments principles. For those reasons joining the main development team is by invitation only.

However, there are still a number of ways to contribute to the project without joining the development team. We welcome such contributions:

  • Bug fixes and enhancements to the code and documentation can be submitted via GitHub as issues or pull requests.
  • We are always looking for good people to help us build up the information held in our wiki. Documentation if a crucial area for us to improve. Please contact to for details on how to contribute to the project's documentation.