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OpenFLUID framework and applications
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General informations

OpenFLUID is a software environnement for modelling and simulation of complex landscape systems

Further informations are available on the OpenFLUID site at

See also the LICENSE and AUTHORS files included in the sources.

OpenFLUID sources

The OpenFLUID source tree is organized as follow

  • cmake : CMake files included in main build system
  • doc: Doxygen and LaTeX sources for users and developers manuals
  • examples : examples of projects and simulators
  • resources : general resources (translations, building, testing and packaging)
  • share : shared resources used at runtime
  • src : sources of the OpenFLUID framework and applications


OpenFLUID is written in C++14. It relies on open-source libraries required to build or use OpenFLUID.

For the OpenFLUID framework libraries:

  • C++ STL
  • Boost (headers only, testing libs are required in debug mode)
  • Qt5 : Core, GUI (optional), Network, XML
  • RapidJSON (automatically downloaded if locally missing)
  • GEOS (optional)

For openfluid command line application:

  • OpenFLUID framework libraries
  • C++ STL
  • Qt5 : Core

For openfluid-builder GUI application:

  • OpenFLUID framework libraries
  • C++ STL
  • Qt5 : Core, GUI, SVG

For openfluid-devstudio GUI application:

  • OpenFLUID framework libraries
  • C++ STL
  • Qt5 : Core, GUI

For unit testing, the Boost unit testing framework is also required (unit_test_framework)

For building Latex documents (optional), required tools and packages are:

  • pdflatex
  • latex2html
  • packages: babel, geometry, ltxtable, pgf/tikz, tabularx, verbatim
  • fonts: cmbright

OpenFLUID uses CMake version 3.1 or higher for build configuration and GCC 5.3 or higher for compilation.

Building from source

Detailed instructions for building OpenFLUID from sources are available on the OpenFLUID community site

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