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OpenGenus is an open-source scientific community focused on revolutionizing the way we understand Computing, promote Independent Research and make knowledge available offline.

Over 2500 developers have contributed actively to our mission. Our products are used by over 750K users monthly.

Join our Internship Program which we have been running since 2017 (5 years and counting) with over 1200 successful interns.


  1. cosmos cosmos Public

    World's largest Contributor driven code dataset | Used in Quark Search Engine, @OpenGenus IQ, OpenGenus Visual Project

    C++ 13.5k 3.7k

  2. master-c-programming master-c-programming Public

    Master C Programming practically. 6 weeks master bootcamp.

    C 7 1

  3. quark quark Public

    Stay happy while offline | World's first offline search engine.

    C++ 618 112

  4. cosmos-search cosmos-search Public

    🌱 The next generation unbiased real-time privacy and user focused code search engine for everyone; Join us at

    HTML 150 75

  5. Join_OpenGenus Join_OpenGenus Public

    Welcome to the OpenGenus Community ! 🉑 Do join our Internship program: :walking_woman: .

    180 179

  6. checklist checklist Public

    OpenGenus Checklist project: Learn everything at your own pace and keep track 🐐 Pioneering the future of organized sequential knowledge

    HTML 28 17


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