E. coli 20kb Size Selected Library with P4 C2

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Instrument:  PacBio RS II
Chemistry:  C2
Enzyme: P4


This dataset includes one SMRT Cell of data gathered with a PacBio RS II System and P4-C2 chemistry on a size selected 20kb library of E. coli K12. Assembling this SMRT Cell results in a single contig at >Q50 accuracy using SMRT Analysis 2.0 or higher.

Modification and Motif analysis may be performed on using the same data as a resequencing job (i.e., against a publicly available K12 reference genome or against a reference created by the de novo assembly) which will find the two 6-mA methyltransferase recognition motifs (one of which is non-palindromic).

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Primary Analysis (Instrument Output) Data

Secondary Analysis Data

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