Old Polymer site. Replaced by these repos: polymer-project.org, polymer-library-docs
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Old Polymer documentation site

This site has been replaced by the following sites:


The documentation site runs in Google App Engine, using the App Engine Python standard environment. Before you start you'll need the following prerequisites:

  • Python 2.7

  • Google Cloud SDK

  • App Engine Python standard environment. Ensure this is installed by running the following command:

    gcloud components install app-engine-python

    Or, if you installed via apt:

    sudo apt-get install google-cloud-sdk-app-engine-python

Set up your repo:

git clone https://github.com/Polymer/docs 
cd docs
npm install

Running the site

The first time you run the site, run gulp to build the site in its entirety:


Then start the App Engine dev server on dist/app.yaml:

dev_appserver.py dist/

The site will be served from http://localhost:8080.

Making changes / watching files / live reload

If you're making changes use the watch task. Optionally add --reload to live reload the tab when changes are saved.

gulp watch --reload

The site will be served on http://localhost:3000. Making changes will refresh the browser tab.

Optional flags:

  • --reload: refreshes the browser tab when changes are made
  • --open: opens a new browser tab when gulp watch is started

Tip - run gulp help to see the list of available gulp tasks.

Run tests

Install WebTest framework:

pip install WebTest

Then run:

npm test

If your Google Cloud SDK isn't installed in ~/google-cloud-sdk, set the CLOUD_SDK environment variable to the path to the Cloud SDK:

export CLOUD_SDK=~/cloud/google-cloud-sdk


Build and deploy version YYY-MM-DD of the site:

npm run deploy YYYY-MM-DD