Cast files to your Chromecast or other devices over local network.
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Cast to TV Gnome Shell Extension

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Cast files to your Chromecast or other devices over local network.


Latest release

After enabling the extension, remember to install required dependencies.


Here is a list of required programs that Cast to TV depends on:

Please make sure you have all of the above installed. They might be available in your linux distro repos. Try installing them with your package manager or follow the links for more info.

Before using extension you also must install some additional npm packages.

  • Install npm dependencies:
cd ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/
npm install

You can use hardware VAAPI encoding (optional). This of course requires working VAAPI drivers. More info and how to install VAAPI here.


  • Cast videos, music and pictures
  • Supports external and built-in subtitles (along with custom fansubs)
  • Chromecast remote controller (control playback from gnome top bar)
  • Play on other device using integrated web player or other video player (e.g. mpv or vlc)
  • Convert videos to supported format on the fly
  • Optional VAAPI video encoding for low cpu usage
  • Play audio with music visualizations (requires fast cpu)

How to use

Detailed instructions related to configuration and using the extension are on wiki.

Info for translators

Before translating use Makefile to generate updated POT file.

make potfile

Use cast-to-tv.pot file in ./po directory to generate .po file. After translating, you can test your translation by running:

make compilemo

This will create .mo files. Restart gnome-shell for changes to be applied.

Special Thanks

Special thanks go to Simon Kusterer (xat) for developing chromecast-player and Sam Potts for making Plyr, an awesome HTML5 video player.


@Rafostar (pl), @amivaleo (it)


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