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I stumbled upon the YouTube channel "Learn to Computer" which I quickly became fascinated. The concept was to write the basic functionality of some of the most common bash commands. The content creator created videos for a short span to only outright stop uploading. It has been two years since there has been an upload and any activity on the videos. However, I did see that originally the code was posted on the content creators website ( but upon trying to visit the site, I noticed it no longer existed. Surprisngly, the domain was not owned and didn't seem like it has been for some time. I felt bad that these really educational videos were getting buried and hidden away as time ticked on. I wanted to create a mirror so people are able to visualize the code itself.

Copyright stuff

No, I don't own the code, name or the videos. I bought the domain ( so therefore I technically own that portion, however, if the original content creator comes back, I am happy to hand over the domain.

To reiterate

I don't own the channel "Learn to Computer" and I don't own the code. I have transcribed the code from the videos for educational purposes.


I am listing this rpeository as GNU AGPLv3 due to the nature of this code not originally being written by me but rather credited to the original author "Learn to Computer". This is a simple transcription of the videos for archival purposes.


This repository is a transcription of the code from the YouTube channel 'Learn to Computer' ( for archival purposes.