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Arduino Powered Amiga Floppy Disk Reader and Writer

Created by Robert Smith @RobSmithDev

What is it?

This project uses an Arduino to interface with a floppy disk drive and communicate with a PC in order to recover the data from Amiga formatted AmigaDOS disks. It also allows you to write a backed up ADF file back onto a floppy disk!


This Visual Studio 2017 project contains two applications, a command line, and a Windows dialog based application


This is the Ardunio source code/sketch

AVR Firmware

If you want to use the AVR directly instead of within the Arduino environment, then jump to [] where John Tsiombikas has ported the code.

Help and Instructions

For further details including how to wire this up please visit []

Whats changed?

V2.2 Fixed 99% of checksum errors when writing by erasing the track first V2.1 Diagnostics and potential write bug fixed V2.0 Disk reading has been vastly improved and you can now also write disks! V1.0 Initial release, can read disks fairly well


This entire project is available under the GNU General Public License v3 licence. See licence.txt for more details.


Arduino Amiga Floppy Disk Reader/Writer (from Windows)




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