The Smokejumper supplemental classes for Guice. These are utility classes and useful modules which do not depend on anything more than the most recent version of Guice and its dependencies.
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The Smokejumper supplemental classes for Guice. These are generally-useful Guice modules based on common needs. Their API and implementation has been driven by the needs of real development projects. Everything has been tested through Spock specifications, which is one of the beautiful things of Guice compared to other dependency injection frameworks.

This project is broken into various subprojects. Each subproject provides multiple modules. All the modules are designed to be easily extensible and customizable: see their API and source for more information.

Summary: Gradle Usage

repositories {

dependencies {
	compile 'com.smokejumperit.guice:core:1.1'

Subproject: Core

These are utility classes and useful modules which do not depend on anything more than the most recent version of Guice and its dependencies.

The module is available at the JCenter Maven Repository, which is located at The Maven coordinates for this module are: com.smokejumperit.guice:core:$VERSION. Check out the versions that are available here:

In particular, it currently provides the following modules:

  • InstallingModule -- A module which simply installs other modules.
  • ThreadFactoryModule -- Provides a default ThreadFactory, along with the @LowPriority, @MediumPriority, and @HighPriority annotations for specifying the priority of the injected ThreadFactory.
  • ExecutorModule -- Presuming that the ThreadFactoryModule (or equivalent) is loaded, this provides implementations for Executor, ExecutorService, ThreadPoolExecutor, and ScheduledExecutorService. It also provides the @Background, @Process, @Read, and @Write annotations for acquiring a specially-tuned version of an executor for background processing, CPU-bound processing, reading I/O actions, and writing I/O actions.
  • ConcurrentModule -- Convenience module for loading ThreadFactoryModule and ExecutorModule.
  • PropertiesModule -- Makes system properties, environment variables, and configuration-time String values available via @Named parameters, including providing automatic conversion of these values to native types (including int, double, BigDecimal, BigInteger, Charset, File, and more). Examples of just how easy this makes configuration values are in the JavaDoc.
  • I18nModule -- Provides access to ResourceBundle based internationalization, which is also useful for externalizing your user strings. Simply annotate your string fields with @Localized('foo'), and it will be injected with the resource bundle message with the key foo. Also exposes the ResourceBundle and Locale for injection.
  • CoreModule -- Convenience module providing PropertiesModule, ConcurrentModule, and a default-configured I18nModule.

Subproject: AWS


This will be a standard wiring module for AWS. It will take an AWSCredentials instance (or an AWSCredentialsProvider). Based on that information, it will wire up all the Amazon*Client instances so that you can simply @Inject them. It will be responsible for knowing which ones are thread-safe and which aren't. Its configuration broken down into overridable modules that will mirror the AWS Java SDK package structure.


Released under the Unlicense. See LICENSE for more information.