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The Standard ROS JavaScript Library

For full documentation see the ROS wiki.

JSDoc can be found on the Robot Web Tools website.

This project is released as part of the Robot Web Tools effort.


Install roslibjs with any NPM-compatible package manager via, for example,

npm install roslib

Pre-built files can be found in either roslib.js or roslib.min.js.

As we are updating to v2, we don't provide pre-built files anymore in the repo.

Alternatively, you can use the v1 release via the JsDelivr CDN: (full) | (min)


  1. Check that connection is established. You can listen to error and connection events to report them to console. See examples/simple.html for a complete example:

    ros.on('error', function(error) { console.log( error ); });
    ros.on('connection', function() { console.log('Connection made!'); });
  2. Check that you have the websocket server is running on port 9090. Something like this should do:

    netstat -a | grep 9090


roslibjs has a number of dependencies. You will need to run:

npm install

Depending on your build environment.


Checkout for details on building.


roslibjs is released with a BSD license. For full terms and conditions, see the LICENSE file.


See the file for a full list of contributors.