generate a RSS feed from Twitter or Mastodon search
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generate a rss feed from parsed Twitter or Mastodon search and Mastodon favorites

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The RSS feed displays only the original tweets (not the retweets) and toots, with:

  • links to :
    • the tweet on Twitter or toot on Mastodon
    • hashtags
    • usernames
  • URLs
  • images
  • source
  • location (only for Twitter)
  • numbers of retweets and likes for tweets and boosts and favourites for toots
    (see examples below).


  • Python 3.6+
  • API keys Twitter and/or Mastodon

Installation and configuration

  • Install from pip
$ pip install twootfeed
  • Initialize the configuration file
$ twootfeed_init
  • Fill in fields for the client(s) you will use in '~/.config/twootfeed/config.yml' :

    • for Twitter : see
      copy/paste the Twitter API key values in config.yml file ('consumerKey' and 'consumerSecret')
    • for Mastodon : see Python wrapper for the Mastodon API
      use the included script which will register your app and prompt you to log in, creating the credential files for you.
    $ twootfeed_create_mastodon_cli

    Update the feed and app parameters.

  • The files location can be changed with the following environment variables:

variable description app default value
TWOOTFEED_CONFIG_DIR configuration and credentials files directory '~/.config/twootfeed/'
TWOOTFEED_CONFIG_FILE config file full path config dir + 'config.yml' => with default value: '~/.config/twootfeed/config.yml'
TWOOTFEED_LOG application log file no default value (log printed on the console)
  • Start the app
$ twootfeed


The RSS feeds are available on these urls:


Search on Twitter

Twitter search

Results in RSS Feed:
RSS Feed

Display on FreshRSS, a great free self-hosted aggregator (

Search on Mastodon

Mastodon search

Results in RSS Feed:
Mastodon Feed

Display on FreshRSS:
Mastodon FreshRSS


see Quick start for developers


Thanks to:

  • georgedorn for adding:
    • rss feed generation with authenticated user's favorites
    • script to register the app and generate credentials for Mastodon