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PHP developer tools and other assorted stuff.


  1. Porter Porter Public

    πŸ’„ Durable and asynchronous data imports for consuming data at scale and publishing testable SDKs.

    PHP 610 28

  2. Mapper Mapper Public

    🌍 Transforms arrays using an object composition DSL.

    PHP 84 3

  3. ByteFormatter ByteFormatter Public

    ✏️ Formats byte values as human-readable strings.

    PHP 40 1

  4. PHPUnit-Immediate-Exception-Printer PHPUnit-Immediate-Exception-Printer Public

    πŸ“  Immediately prints exception and assertion failures during testing.

    PHP 35 6

  5. UpDown-Meter UpDown-Meter Public

    πŸ“ˆ Network activity graph.

    C# 36 5

  6. Async-Throttle Async-Throttle Public

    βŒ› Throttles async work throughput.

    PHP 1


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