PHP developer tools and an assortment of other guff.

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  1. Porter

    πŸ’„ Data import abstraction library for consuming Web APIs and other data sources.

    PHP 415 19

  2. Mapper

    🌍 Transforms arrays using an object composition DSL.

    PHP 62 3

  3. PHPUnit-Immediate-Exception-Printer

    πŸ“  Immediately prints exception and assertion failures during testing.

    PHP 36 4

  4. UpDown-Meter

    πŸ“ˆ Network activity graph.

    C# 21 3

  5. WAT

    :shipit: Warframe Alert Tracker


  6. ArrayWalker

    πŸƒ Walks nested array structures to retrieve values.

    PHP 2 1

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