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The CORTX Project

CORTX is Seagate's proof-of-concept research project into distributed object storage systems, with an emphasis on HPC, efficiency, massive capacity, and high HDD-utilization. CORTX is 100% Open Source. Most of the project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License and the rest is under AGPLv3; check the specific License file for each submodule to determine which is which.

CORTX Design Goals & Research Areas

Project Scope Core Design Goals
Mass capacity Optimizing Object Storage for mass capacity storage devices .
Processor agnostic Should work with any processor.
Flexibility Able to work with HDD, SSD, and NVM.
Scalability Solving mass-capacity scaling challenges
Responsiveness Improving data retrieval speeds in high scale systems and ensuring low latency across large data sets
Resilience Ensuring a high tolerance for hardware failure and faster rebuild and recovery times using Network Erasure Coding
Transparency Improving observability

You can read more about the technical goals and distinguishing features of CORTX here.

We are excited about your interest in CORTX and hope you will join us. We take our community very seriously, and we are committed to creating a community built on respectful interactions and inclusivity, as documented in our Code of Conduct.

Get Started

  • Commonly used terms are defined in our CORTX Glossary.
  • Explore multiple ways to acquire, build, and run CORTX in our Quick Start Guide.
  • Please be aware that CORTX Community is not intended for production usage. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more details.
  • Read about all the different components that combine together to make CORTX


  • Converse with us in our CORTX-Open Source Slack channel Slack to interact with community members and gets your questions answered.
  • Check out our Youtube Channel for deep dives into CORTX and other explorations of the science of storage.
  • Subscribe to the our Open Source Newsletter to and stay up to date on the latest CORTX developments, news, and events. Browse our archived newsletters from previous months.
  • Learn how to integrate CORTX with other technologies here.
  • Many folks are actively conducting various experiments, feasibility studies, and proofs of concept using CORTX. Check it out in the cortx-experiments repository and either join an existing experiment or start your own.

Thank You!

We thank you for stopping by to check out the CORTX Community. We are fully dedicated to our mission to build open source technologies that help the world save unlimited data and solve challenging data problems. Join our mission to help reinvent a data-driven world.