FAE Control Panel Guide

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What is the "Forumactif Edge Control Panel" ? ( FAE CP for short ) The FAE Control Panel allows you to manage many different options for Forumactif Edge, and is necessary for installing it. Once you have installed Forumactif Edge, a new section called "Configuration" will become available to you. This section contains buttons which take you to different sub-sections when clicked. These sub-sections allow you to change settings and personalize Forumactif Edge, so it's recommended that you explore each one to get the most out of this theme.

To learn more about the FAE Control Panel's features, please click any of the links below that interest you.

Founder Only Actions

The actions below can only be used by the forum Founder.

Founder and Co-Admin Actions

The actions below can be used by both the forum Founder and their Co-Administrators.


General questions that don't require permissions.

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