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At long last, I've updated this application to make it more user friendly than ever.
Now, instead of supplying paths one at a time, you can drag multiple bins or folders to convert to/from the P5 PS3 bustup format.

Also, a new bustup format is now supported! Previously, the tool could only create and extract bustups containing pairs of DDS images. However, not all of the bustups in the PS3 version were actually split up into pairs... the ps3.cpk/font/assist/bustup folder contains small bustups used during dungeon exploration.
Now the program can detect whether the bustups are probably in pairs or not.

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New Features:

  • Mass-convert and combine extracted DDS images to a complete PNG image

Now the headache of manually splicing together and saving bustups is no more! When you extract a BIN (or all the BINs in a specified directory), you're now prompted whether or not you want to combine them.

You can, of course, decide not to and only extract the DDS images (like in older versions), which is much faster. You may find this option useful if you're only trying to mod the game. Sprite rippers should rejoice in light of this new addition!

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DDS2Tool isn't a tool for Digital Devil Saga 2, but it IS a tool for extracting DDS images from DDS2 archives. In Persona 5, bustup BIN files contain typically 2 DDS files per frame.
Atlus's bizarre way of avoiding image compression artifacts was to save one layer of the frame with DXT1 compression, and another with DXT5. In-game, the DXT1 is overlayed ontop of the DXT5 to give the illusion of a full image being rendered. Each 2 slices of the frame are stored together as a DDS2 file, hence the name of the tool.

By supplying the path to a BIN file, you can extract all DXT1 and DXT5 images from the BIN. They will be saved to a new folder for editing.
Note: This does not work on the early, unused portraits from the Persona 5 trailer.

By supplying a path to a folder with DDS images, you can generate a new BIN file.
Note: This will probably only work in-game if you keep the filenames the same, and don't add or remove DDS files. I'm not sure at this time if saving the DDS file with a different type of compression will matter, but try to stick to DXT1 and DXT5 if possible.

And finally, by supplying a path to a folder with BIN files, you can mass-extract all the DDS files. It will automatically skip any unused ones using DXT3.