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Quality Settings

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Quality Settings

The quality settings allow targetted snatching of releases and are divided into two groups: Quality Presets and Quality Custom. These settings have a big bearing on when episodes are snatched and confusion can result by setting these values too liberally.

Quality Presets

Are grouped qualities. An episode matching a preset will satisfy a snatch request once. Externally added episode files do not satisfy a snatch request and will be replaced if the show quality is higher than the episode file. Setting one or more Custom -> Upgrade to qualities is the only way to satisfy multiple snatch requests.

  • HD: HD TV, 1080p HD TV, 720p or 1080p WEB-DL, 720p or 1080p BluRay
  • HD720p: HD TV, 720p WEB-DL, 720p BluRay
  • HD1080p: 1080p HD TV, 1080p WEB-DL, 1080p BluRay
  • UHD2160p: 2160p UHD 4K WEB (coming soon to master, currently on develop branch)
  • Any: Will match any available quality
  • Custom: presents an Initial and Upgrade to list, outlined below in detail

The definitions of the above types are listed at the end of this page.

Quality Custom

The Initial list is used to snatch the first release that matches any selected quality. No more episode releases will be considered if there are no items selected on the Upgrade to list.

The Upgrade to list can be used to snatch all1 successively higher quality episodes that match a selection. Warning: Upgrades will occur for all existing lower quality files, unless a change selected episodes to "Archived with ... downloaded quality" is done.

1Instead of snatching all by default, enable Upgrade once to only snatch the first matched episode of any selected quality in the Upgrade to list.

Basic examples using Quality Presets

Say you have a popular show that is easily available and you want HD episodes but not with large file sizes. Your best choice may be the quality preset HD 720p.

However, some shows are tough to find with releases that can be mixed and unreliable. In that situation, the best choice may be the quality preset Any to ensure you'll get a copy.

Maybe you're a quality freak and you need to get your 1080p fix. If it's got to be the best for you, then your best choice may be the quality preset HD 1080p.

Advanced examples using Quality Custom

  1. I only require WEB-DLs
    Select Quality Custom them multi-select 720p WEB-DL and 1080p WEB-DL from the Initial quality list, optionally add regex:web.?rip to "Ignore result...", that's it

  2. I'm an archivist and want it all!
    Select Quality SD (important step) then Custom, finally multi-select every quality in the Upgrade to quality list. As a warning: this will download every release that comes out for the show in order of increasing quality, as they are released

  3. I want a small HD version for watching now, and one 1080p quality for longer term
    a) Select preset HD 720p then Custom to set the Initial list to HD 720p qualities
    b) Multiselect Upgrade to qualities 1080p HD TV, 1080p WEB-DL, and 1080p BluRay
    This will download progressively higher quality 1080p releases until reaching 1080p BluRay, only then will it stop (note that it can take months for this process to complete leaving you puzzled over why something downloaded if you forgot the setting)

  4. I'd like to watch any version now, and collect only one 720p quality on its release
    a) First, select the quality preset Any then change the quality to Custom and check that all of the Any qualities are selected under Initial
    b) Select the Upgrade to qualities of HD TV, 720p WEB-DL, and 720p BluRay
    c) Enable the Upgrade once setting before saving
    This will snatch a match and then follow that up with a single 720p quality episode that will also be snatched if required. This is a maximum single upgrade process.


The available individual qualities are:

Quality Filename contains
SD TV pdtv, hdtv, dsr, or tvrip xvid, (x or h.)264/265, hevc, av1, or vp9
but not 720/1080/2160(i or p) and not or h)264
web or web(dl or rip) xvid, (x or h.)264/265, hevc, av1, or vp9
but not 720/1080/2160(i or p)
xvid, divx, 480p, hevc, x265
but not 720/1080/2160(i or p)
SD DVD dvdrip, brrip or bdrip xvid, divx, (x or h.)264/265, hevc, av1, or vp9
but not 720/1080/2160(i or p)
HD TV (720p or plus (x or h.)264/265, hevc, av1, or vp9
but not 1080/2160(i or p)
RawHD TV 720p or 1080i and mpeg-2, or 1080(i or p) and h264 hdtv
1080p HD TV 1080p and hdtv and x264
720p WEB-DL 720p web(dl or rip), or itunes and (x or h)264
720p web(dl or rip), or WEB, and (x or h)264 or 265
1080p WEB-DL 1080p web(dl or rip), or itunes and (x or h)264
1080p web(dl or rip), or WEB, and (x or h)264 or 265
720p BluRay 720p and (x or h)264 bluray, hddvd, brrip or bdrip
1080p BluRay 1080p and x264 bluray, hddvd, brrip or bdrip
2160p UHD 4K WEB 2160p web(dl or rip) and (x or h)264 or 265
* These settings discover files with media extensions... avi, mkv, mpg, mpeg, wmv, ogm, mp4, iso, img, divx, m2ts, m4v, ts, flv, f4v, mov, rmvb, vob, dvr-ms, wtv, ogv, 3gp, webm
* Currently x265 is per default in the global ignore list, to use remove it