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Ore Washer

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The Ore Washer is in the Basic Machines category. It is a multiblock structure.


The Ore Washer is a multiblock structure, it consists of a cauldron, a fence and a dispenser.
Note: It doesn't matter which side the dispenser is facing, place it to your liking.

A complete setup should look like this:

Ore Washer Setup

You can also place an Output Chest next to the dispenser to collect your washed ores. If there is no Output Chest, then it will be put in the dispenser.


Most common use is to wash Sifted Ore into Dusts.
Check out the Ore Washer in the Slimefun Guide in-game for more uses.
To use the Ore Washer, you have to put your items in the dispenser, if there is a viable conversion possible when you right click the fence, it'll output the converted item.

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