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The Armor category contains six new sets of armor, plus the ability to craft Chainmail Armor.

Armor Sets

Damascus Steel Armor Set

The Damascus Steel Armor Set is an Iron Armor Set with Protection V and Unbreaking V on every piece.

Reinforced Armor Set

The Reinforced Armor Set is an Iron Armor Set with Protection IX and Unbreaking IX on every piece.

Cactus Armor Set

The Cactus Armor Set is a (green-dyed) Leather Armor Set with Thorns III and Unbreaking VI.

Chainmail Armor Set

This set is the same set as vanilla minecraft offers, it was just made craftable.

Gilded Iron Armor Set

The Gilded Iron Armor Set is a Gold Armor Set with Protection VIII and Unbreaking VI on every piece.

Hazmat Suit

The Hazmat suit is a (orange/black-dyed) Leather Armor Set which provides full immunity towards Radiation and Bee Stings when wearing the full set.

The Scuba Helmet allows you to breath underwater.
The Hazma Suit Chestplate makes you immune to fire and lava.

Gold Armor Set

The Gold Armor Set is a vanilla Gold Armor Set with Unbreaking X on every piece.

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