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Talismans are items which grant you special effects while in your possession. They can be crafted in a Magic Workbench.

Tier I Talismans only work while you carry them in your inventory, while Tier II (Ender) Talismans can work from inside your Ender Chest.
Note that some Talismans will be consumed upon use.

Talisman Effect Consumable
Talisman of the Anvil Fully repairs 1 Tool once it breaks Yes
Talisman of the Miner 20% chance to double all Ores you mine No
Talisman of the Hunter 20% chance to double all Drops from Mobs you kill No
Talisman of the Lava Walker Gives you Fire Resistance for 3 minutes once you touch lava Yes
Talisman of the Water Breather Gives you Water Breathing for 3 minutes once you start drowning Yes
Talisman of the Angel 75% chance to negate Fall Damage No
Talisman of the Firefighter Gives you Fire Resistance once you start burning Yes
Talisman of the Magician 80% chance to give you 1 extra Enchantment when enchanting No
Talisman of the Traveller 60% chance to give you Speed I for 3 minutes when sprinting No
Talisman of the Warrior Gives you Strength III for 3 minutes once you get hit Yes
Talisman of the Knight 30% chance to give you Regeneration IV for 5 seconds once you get hit Yes
Talisman of the Whirlwind 60% chance to reflect Projectiles fired at you No
Talisman of the Wizard Gives you Fortune IV or V but sometimes lowers other Enchantments No
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