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Command Line Reference

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Command Line Reference

sw build

Build current project.

To get build and dependencies graphs, run:

sw -print-graph build

sw generate

Generate IDE project.

sw upload

Upload current project to Software Network. Project will be fetched from your version control system using specified tag/version/branch.

sw create

Create templated project.

sw -help

CLI help.

OVERVIEW: SW: Software Network Client

  SW is a Universal Package Manager and Build System...

  Available frontends:
    - sw
    - cppan

USAGE: client.exe [subcommand] [options]


  build    - Build files, dirs or packages
  create   - Create different projects.
  fetch    - Fetch sources
  generate - Generate IDE projects
  ide      - Used to invoke sw application to do IDE tasks: generate project files, clean, rebuild etc.
  install  - Add package to lock.
  list     - List packages in database.
  pack     - Used to prepare distribution packages.
  remove   - Remove package.
  setup    - Used to do some system setup which may require administrator access.
  test     - Run tests.
  update   - Update lock file.
  upload   - Upload package.
  uri      - Used to invoke sw application from the website.

  Type "client.exe <subcommand> -help" to get more help on a specific subcommand


General options:

  -G=<string>                                  - Generator
  -compiler=<string>                           - Set compiler
  -configuration=<string>                      - Set build configuration
  -d=<path>                                    - Working directory
  -debug-configs                               - Build configs in debug mode
  -delete-overridden-remote-package=<package>  - Delete overridden package from index
  -delete-overridden-remote-package-dir=<sdir> - Delete overridden dir packages
  -do-not-mangle-object-names                  -
  -explain-outdated                            - Explain outdated commands
  -explain-outdated-full                       - Explain outdated commands with more info
  -fetch                                       - Fetch files in process
  -host-cygwin                                 - When on cygwin, allow it as host
  -ignore-source-files-errors                  - Useful for debugging
  -j=<int>                                     - Number of jobs
  -jc=<int>                                    - Number of config jobs
  -k=<int>                                     - Skip errors
  -l                                           - Use lock file
  -list-overridden-remote-packages             - List overridden packages
  -log-to-file                                 -
  -n                                           - Dry run
  -override-remote-package=<prefix>            - Provide a local copy of remote package(s)
  -platform=<string>                           - Set build platform
  -print-checks                                - Save extended checks info to file
  -print-dependencies                          -
  -print-graph                                 - Print file with build graph
  -r=<string>                                  - Select default remote
  -s                                           - Force server check
  -save-all-commands                           -
  -save-executed-commands                      -
  -save-failed-commands                        -
  -self-upgrade                                - Upgrade client
  -separate-bdir                               -
  -shared-build                                - Set shared build
  -static-build                                - Set static build
  -storage-dir=<path>                          -
  -target=<string>                             - Target to build
  -target-os=<string>                          -
  -time-trace                                  - Record chrome time trace events
  -trace                                       - Trace output
  -use-file-monitor                            -
  -verbose                                     - Verbose output
  -win-md                                      - Set /MD build
  -win-mt                                      - Set /MT build

Generic Options:

  -help                                        - Display available options (-help-hidden for more)
  -help-list                                   - Display list of available options (-help-list-hidden for more)
  -version                                     - Display the version of this program
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