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A Open Source Splatoon Bot that does Profiles, Automatic SplatNet, GrizzCo, and Rotation Features
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This Program was Designed for users to host, modify, and use! Just install python3.6 or newer and install the dependancies to get started!

The Discord Library this bot uses is (Rewrite) make sure to keep note of that! If you want to get in touch with me or report on any errors just send me a message on discord (I am VeeMOE#2164) or Join the Support Discord!

To get information on the bot commands type (Whatever Your Prefix is)help

DEPENDENCIES (Rewrite 1.0.0a) traceback aiosqlite asyncio requests BucketType


How do i install [Rewrite]

This is the Syntax to get the correct version python3 -m pip install -U[voice] If that does not work as it should do this python3.6 -m pip install -U[voice]

How do i install Dependancies?

This is some basic Python knowledge, i would recommend you have some knowledge of python before hosting or modifying this bot

How do i start up the bot?

Set your Terminals Directory to the bot folder, then do python3 ./ If python3 does not work do python3.6

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