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Spring Physics Demo

This is just an upload of the project found here so that it is easier to browse.

Created by

Terrance Niechciol


A -> Rotate counter-clockwise

D -> Rotate clockwise

Shift -> Weaken springs

Space -> Stiffen springs

Building the game

To make the game you need g++ and SFML

Using g++ directly

Make sure you have g++ (MinGW on Windows, build-essential on Linux), and SFML and enter:

g++ -o main.exe src/*.cpp -I path/to/SFML/include -lsfml-window-s -lsfml-system-s -L path/to/SFML/lib -lopengl32 -lglu32 -static-libgcc -static-libstdc++

Using the makefile


You need to edit the makefile so the path to SFML for your system is correct.


You need MSYS for make and uname and MinGW for g++.


You need build-essential for g++.

Then just type make all to build the game.