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To try our code by a local Django server:

git clone https://github.com/TerryC78/Bookly.git
pip install https://github.com/atereshkin/django-web3-auth/archive/master.zip
python web/publish/manage.py runserver

Platform/Tool/Libraries we used


We deployed through Quarkchain testnet, and the smart contract works. Our FE uses Django and we have a basic version of Django web server that talks with BE smart contract.


We used django-web3-auth library which can be installed here:

pip install https://github.com/atereshkin/django-web3-auth/archive/master.zip

Smart Contract

Separate contracts

Each identity is a contract in our first try. But after checking with Quarkchain experts, we were suggested to merge identities into one contract, which is below.

One contract version

Platform Users

There will be two distinction of users:

Content Creators (authors,bloggers, professors, etc)

  • Earn tokens from sales proceeds (90% of sales price,10% goes to XX?)
  • Spend tokens by promoting their content

Content Consumers (students, consumers)

  • Purchase content with tokens
  • Earn tokens with book reviews
  • Earn tokens by ratings other book reviews

Token Utility

A utility token will be created and applied in the following use cases:

Content (e-books, e-zine, newsletters, podcasts, e-textbooks)

  • Tokens will be used to pay to purchase content on platform
  • Bonus Token Payout/Rewards will be implemented to allow “tipping” by users
  • Bonus Token Payout/Rewards will be implemented to promote certain content?

Content Reviews (User Ratings & Reviews on Content Created)

  • Tokens will be used to payout on ratings/reviews for content on platform
  • Bonus Tokens Rewards will be implemented to reward quality ratings/review on platform
  • Bonus Tokens Rewards will be paid out to users who build merit and credibility