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The Talismans category contains a variety of Talismans to choose from. Some of these can be used an infinite amount of times, others will be consumed.

Note that there are two different Tiers of Talismans. Tier II Talismans also work if you have them inside of your Ender Chest, Tier I Talismans require you to be carrying them in your Inventory.

Talisman Function Consumable
Talisman of the Anvil Fully repairs 1 Item when the Item breaks Yes
Talisman of the Miner Has a 20% chance to double all Ores you mine No
Talisman of the Hunter Has a 20% chance to double all Drops from Mobs you kill No
Talisman of the Lava Walker Prevents you from Lava Damage and gives you Fire Resistance Yes
Talisman of the Water Breather Prevents you from Drowning Damage and gives you Water Breathing Yes
Talisman of the Angel Has a 75% chance to absorb Fall Damage No
Talisman of the Firefighter Prevents you from Fire Damage and gives you Fire Resistance Yes
Talisman of the Magician Has an 80% chance to give you 1 extra Enchantment when enchanting No
Talisman of the Traveller Has a 60% chance to give you a Speed Buff when sprinting No
Talisman of the Warrior Gives you Strength 3 when somebody attacks you Yes
Talisman of the Knight Gives you 5 seconds of Regeneration when you get hit Yes
Talisman of the Whirlwind Has a 60% chance to deflect Projectiles fired at you No
Talisman of the Wizard Allows you to get Fortune 4 or 5 but decreases other Enchantments No
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