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A Coding RTS written using C#\libtcod\Lindren, Oh and this is really old.
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Use the ` key to open the console and run Lua


  • print(str) -- print a string to the console
  • printc(str, r, g, b) -- print a color string to the console
  • say(str) -- same as net.say
  • exit() -- exits the program
  • history() -- prints all previous lines

  • timer.create(time, function) -- Creates a new Timer to execute function after time in milliseconds

  • timer.update(time) -- do not call this, it is used by the engine to increment timers

  • net.connect(ip) -- connect to a ip address

  • net.say(msg) -- send a message to all players on the server
  • net.nick(nick) -- set your nickname to nick
  • net.sendLua(code, key) -- send lua to all players to execute if they registered key
  • net.privMsg(nick, msg) -- send a message to just one player

  • native.addChar(x, y, char, r, g, b) -- print a character to the screen with colour R, B, G

  • native.printColorString(x, y, char, r, b, g) -- same as above but print an entire string
  • native.print(x, y, str) -- print a string to the screen at location x, y
  • native.createFrame(x, y, w, h) -- print a frame onto the screen
  • native.setForeground(r, g, b) -- set the default colour to print text with
  • native.fillscreen(r, g, b) -- fill the screen with a color
  • native.getFrameTime() -- retrieve the current FPS
  • native.clear() -- removes all drawn items from the screen

  • hook.add(name, unique, function) -- add a new hook with hook name name

  • -- call all functions with name name
  • hook.remove(unique) -- remove a hook

  • friend.add(key) -- registers a code allowing other people to send lua to you

  • friend.remove(key) -- revokes a key
  • friend.removeAll() -- revokes all keys
  • friend.getAll() -- returns all keys

  • console.create(w, h, draw) -- creates a new item that draws on the screen and returns the instance

  • console.setDraw(target, draw) -- sets the targets draw function to draw
  • console.setKeyDown(target, keydown) -- sets the target keydown function to keydown
  • console.toggleDraw(target) -- toggles visibaly of the target
  • console.print(target, x, y, str) -- prints the string on the target

  • game.join(gamename) -- join a game and displays the map

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