Getting Started on Mac

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  • An installation of git. To install on El Capitan, download from and install. Bring up a terminal window and type
git --version

A window will pop-up asking to install the git developers tools -> click "Install". Now the command "git --version" should show the version of git installed.

  • An installation of mono. Download from and install. To get terminal commandline capabilities for mono, type
export PATH=/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/Current/bin/:${PATH}

Getting the Source Code

Clone the source code from GitHub using the command:

git clone

This will create a directory "vts" in your current directory.

Building the Code

  • Using commandline:
cd vts

To execute any application, e.g. Monte Carlo CommandLine (MCCL):

cd src/Vts.MonteCarlo.CommandLineApplication/bin/Debug

To generate sample infiles for MCCL

mono mc.exe geninfiles

To run MCCL with sample infile

mono mc.exe infile=infile_one_layer_all_detectors.txt