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Warzone 2100 - a free and open source real time strategy game.
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Latest commit 3f2dd66 @perim perim Fix wrong calculation of rate of fire where it was in one case
always using selectedPlayer's weapon stats.

The impact of this bug is fortunately very low.
Failed to load latest commit information.
3rdparty Merge branch 'bugfixes'
build_tools Fix some issues for different compilers.
data Add new qtscript callback for in-game keypresses. Remove mostly unuse…
doc Remove unused self-destruct action/order.
icons Add missing files for distribution
lib When using specific gcc compiler options that are only available
m4 Fix pthread detection on Fedora.
macosx Stop using custom linked list implementation for gateways.
pkg Portable Warzone fixes for windows.
po jscam: Convert cam1-4a.{vlo,slo} into cam1-4a.js.
src Fix wrong calculation of rate of fire where it was in one case
tests Add more 'dummy' stubs for the linker to keep make distcheck happy.
tools It is not 2013 anymore. Update copyright notices.
win32 Merge branch 'bugfixes'
.gitattributes Hopefully make it so conflicts in the xcode project files are automat…
.gitignore Update VS2k13 for Qt 5 (Adjust your QT5DIR env. vars!)
AUTHORS Updated/added names.
COMPILE Replace the outdated content of COMPILE with a pointer at the wiki.
COPYING Create final repository structure.
COPYING.NONGPL New skybox for urban maps.
COPYING.README Warzone 2100, I have the honour to release you from any license uncla…
ChangeLog changelog updates
Doxyfile Small update of the Doxygen files. Merge branch 'bugfixes' Simplify build process by getting rid of bison/flex dependencies.
config.rpath Port r3878 and r3879 from trunk/ SDL 2 is now required.
fixbrokendependencies Move broken dependency hack out of most's, except the for…
releaseBranch Simplify usage of version_getVersionString().
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