Chat Functions

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This page outlines the available functions that manipulate the FFXI chatlog., position)

  • text string - The text to add to the input
  • position number [optional] - The position to add the new text to

Adds the provided text into the current input box at the provided position. If no position is specified it will add it at the current cursor position.

Returns the current input text and the current position of the cursor. This will contain encoded auto-translate phrases.

  • text string - The text to input

Will input the provided text into FFXI's internal command handler. The same as typing it out and pressing enter.

Returns true if the chat box is currently open, false otherwise.

Will paste the current contents of the clipboard into the chat box., position)

  • text string - The new input text
  • position number [optional] - The new cursor position

Sets the current text in the chat box to the provided value. The cursor is set to the provided value, or, if omitted, at the end of the new input text.

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