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Documents from a live coding session by Christopher Wolfram related to content from the 2016 film Arrival
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The Code Behind Arrival (The Movie) Companion

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These notebooks correspond to Christopher Wolfram's live coding session in which he analyzed the logograms and other content from the 2016 film Arrival. The session can be found by using the following link:

The Code Behind Arrival The Movie (

The content found here is meant to be a companion to this coding session, allowing anyone to modify and tinker with some of the content from the movie. .nb files can be opened and modified in either Mathematica, the Wolfram Cloud or the Wolfram Development Platform.

Please Note: Some of the features used by Christopher in the coding session utilize features from version 11.1 of the Wolfram Language.

Video-notebook breakdown

A breakdown of when Christopher begins working on each notebook in the video:

Time Filename Description
0:02:30 sectionBreaking-01.nb Start of broadcast; background, breakdown of various logograms
0:12:30 featureDetection-01.nb A quick look at an attempt to detect features and map symbols
0:14:22 3d-01.nb Heat-mapping and visualization of logogram based on edge detection
0:15:11 unwrapping-01.nb Unwrapping and linearize logograms
0:18:17 maps-01.nb/maps folder Alien landing positions mapping and analysis
0:22:53 arrivalLiveCoding.nb Shape comparison, similarity mapping, and logogram feature isolation
1:44:34 ca-01.nb Cellular automata growth made from logograms
2:03:50 arrivalLiveCoding.nb Recap and wrap-up



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