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Distributed Data Transfer Service for MySQL
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dtle (Data-Transformation-le)

What is dtle

dtle is MySQL data transfer/replication tool.

  • Compression dtle can compress data in transfer, which saves cost.
  • Bi-directional data sync dtle can sync data bi-directional, which allows master-master MySQL architecture
  • Replication between clouds dtle can replicate data between cloud RDSs
  • Distributed deploy dtle as distributed service, which provides high-availability and scalability



Contributions are welcomed and greatly appreciated. See documentation for details on submitting patches and the contribution workflow.


  • QQ group: 852990221

  • Subscribe "Actiontech Open Source Community" on WeChat to get further information on dtle:

    WeChat QR code

Contact us

dtle has enterprise support plan, you may contact our sales team:

  • Global Sales: 400-820-6580
  • North China: 86-13718877200, Mr.Wang
  • South China: 86-18503063188, Mr.Cao
  • East China: 86-18930110869, Mr.Liang
  • South-West China: 86-13540040119, Mr.Hong
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