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Ahmia is the search engine for .onion domains on the Tor anonymity network. It is led by Juha Nurmi and is based in Finland. This repository contains crawlers used by Ahmia search engine.


The newest version of Ahmia is built with Python 3, Django 5 and Elasticsearch 8. You will need to know these technologies to create a working Ahmia installation. Ahmia crawls using ahmia-crawler.


Ahmia-index should be installed and running

Installation guide

pip install -r requirements.txt


This is a common step, both for local (dev) and production environment.

cp ahmia/example.env ahmia/.env

Please modify the values in .env, to fit your needs. You have to specify at least the postgresql credentials, if you are using the production settings.

Setup Website

Migrate db

python makemigrations ahmia
python migrate

Make the static files

python collectstatic

Copy Elasticsearch CA cert in place


Run site in dev mode

Start development server

Development settings use sqlite as a database. Default settings should work out of the box.

python runserver

Production -- Nginx

NOTE: If your deployment directory isn't /usr/local/lib/ahmia-site replace accordingly

  • Configure and run nginx:
cp conf/nginx/django-ahmia /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/django-ahmia
service nginx start

Increase worker_connections in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf:

events {
        worker_connections 2048;

Production -- Gunicorn


  • Run gunicorn via bash scripts (work as daemons ~ edit files to change):
bash ./bin/
bash ./bin/


  • configure and run gunicorn (tested with gunicorn==21.2.0) as systemd daemon
cp conf/gunicorn/*.service /etc/systemd/system/
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl enable ahmia.service
systemctl status ahmia.service
systemctl enable ahmia-onion.service
systemctl status ahmia-onion.service
systemctl restart gunicorn

Edit your /lib/systemd/system/nginx.service to add ahmia-site.service ahmia-site-onion.service

systemctl edit nginx

[Unit] ahmia.service ahmia-onion.service
Requires=ahmia.service ahmia-onion.service

systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl cat nginx

Delete added onions once a week

# EVERY WEEK, Tuesday 12:57
57 12 * * 2 cd /usr/local/lib/ahmia-site && venv/bin/python deleteonions >> weeklydelete.log 2>&1


Ahmia is licensed under the 3-clause BSD license.